Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Hmmm factor!

Sometimes I wear my 2 inches too short “not even looking” sweats and men in my neighborhood shout out catcalls. In the whole of NYC, I have to walk around with my head down, not because I'm sad, but to make sure I avoid the poop bombs on the ground. I don't understand my manicurist, and she probably doesn't understand me, but I continue to go to her on a bi-weekly basis.  What else.... Oh, and my favorite thing to do on Sunday is to go to church 15-20 minutes late so I can make a grand entrance.  All things that may make me say, hmmmm, and shake my head with a bit of confusion.


I am aware of how off and warped all of these occurrences are, but for me it’s just par for the course and come with a simple explanation really.  Certain men don't care about women's fashion etiquette or their own for that matter, some lazy people find the energy to wake up extra early so that no one who cares will see some them dodge the pop-n-scoop, where my manicurist comes from, people stay home and do their own damn nails, thus there’s no need to practice small talk over paint fumes, and me showing up to church late for attention is just a minute window into my secret self obsessed ways.     Yeah, I get how those things could annoy anyone, but right now, I’d like to take a look at a topic that we really should push to the forefront.


Let's focus on department store makeup artists that try to sell you on what new look is in.  Should I remind them that "Barbie Doll Pink" lipstick, and "Neon Lights Yellow" eye shadow will never be "in" on my face?   So far, I have noticed that my nose, eyes, lips, and features don't seem to change with make up trends, and probably never will. What works, is what works! Maybe I'll work in slight variations, but I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that I won't wake up one day and think that I can try green lipstick. I don't care what discount I will get on my next purchase.  The fact that some crazy looking Mac operative is usually the one spewing this rubbish, makes it even more unnerving. Would I take anyone seriously, whose self-inflicted makeup application would make any clown-phobic child scream bloody murder?  Many times, I have to retrain myself from asking them if they actually walk around in public like that or they wait until they get to work to put their face on for the sake of public safety.  Next time, I'll teach the misguided make up artist a lesson; the minute they start that wacky talk, I'll run for the door like I've just seen a ghost. 

This is not an attack on any one particular makeup company. It's more of an affront on over zealous salesmen.  Many makeup lovers, may be thinking that I have no platform to stand on since I am not an expert.  That is my point exactly.  I am a stylist, designer, writer, and most relevant, I am a consumer, whom happens to appreciate the results of a good job.   Makeup, as an extension of a fashionable presentation, should be suitable to your features, coloring, and your personal style. You know what enhances your God given features. Looking like you, only better is the optimal goal. Don’t fall victim to the “next big look” or what’s on the cover of magazines.  It doesn’t usually translate well in your day-to-day life. I am speaking as someone who wants to betaken seriously. Not recognizing this may result in a similar appearance to Homie D. Clown. 


Next up…. My fabu finds, and dealing with Wardrobe Repetition Run-ins



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