Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fabu Winter

I guess the fact that it’s cold enough outside to see your breath when you talk means winter is upon us.  It’s time to learn how to make fresh hot chocolate, not the kind that comes in these packets (I could have sworn they were the best thing on earth since sliced bread), a time to learn how to ice skate, or fall on your ass about a dozen times, a time to get close to someone and feel the love…….whateva!  No I’m kidding, go on, kiss! Fornicate as you like around an open fire . 

 I just think that it’s a great time revel in whatever beauty surrounds you.   I have come to recognize the cold of winter as a good friend who sometimes annoys you.  I would never have appreciated my blasting NYC apartment heat, if it wasn’t so damned cold outside.  I bet there are tons of you out there who feels the same way, right?  I used to look at winter as a blah season, a season where one puts on weight, just because you can, and stays inside because it’s too cold outside.   Now, I want to hit the gym constantly, and look damn near bedazzled if I could.  I love what warmth, and what layers do for my look. 

I want to go out and share my fabulessness with the world!  It’s a gift, and it is the season to give.  If I feel like going out and wearing a skirt with NO LEGGINGS ( gasp!)  I will, and find the best party in NYC to boot.  It’s how I’m embracing the season of frills and chills: shiny shirts and lips. You may find it a challenge to maintain your sense of style when it seems so easy to just through on a pair of jeans all the time, but stop and think about all those little treasures in your closet that you just love.  Who cares where you are going, throw it on and feel special amongst the masses.  Have a lot of grey?   Excellent, that is my favorite color.  I have a grey cashmere sweater by Cocini ( 38th btw 7th &  8th),  and I throw it on with my hot pink Armani jeans.  Looks hot and warm ;) get it? 

I think about those poor people in warm climates who long to wear the looks of warmth, but always look completely wrong  for doing it, ie. my brethren in Nigeria who wear winter hats in August, and those poor Floridians who try so hard to justify their use of winter boots.  For those of who us who are lucky enough to explore layers of sexy silks, cashmere, and leather and mix up our grays with our brights.  It’s time to say thank you for a wonderful year , and more time to look fabu.

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