Monday, May 4, 2009

Can't Stop the Sexy!

Transitions Championship - Round One
Last Sunday, I was sitting in the park, watching the trees bloom because I knew it was a scene that wasn't going to last.  I started to watch a squirrel run around in front of me, and make little nature noises.  A nice lazy Sunday in the park,  like a page out of National Geographic.  
Then all of the sudden, the squirrel stopped running.  It stood up, faced me, and began to beat on it's chest, like Tarzan.  I could not stop laughing and couldn't believe what I had just seen.  Only me right?  

 Ever have that feeling like the jokes on you?

I put that odd little occurrence behind me and headed back to my apartment to prepare for a fashionable brunch in the meatpacking district where I'd be able to smitchz and schmooze with fabulous industry creatives.  I put on a crowd-pleaser dress with my grey Jessica Bennett gladiator heels; was feeling great, and looking good.  I began to walk, ok... so I was sauntering down the street, and I came across a woman, who had long since skipped, splashed, and then sprawled down the slippery slope of  "I'm a mom, so I don't need to try anymore" with her daughter.  She unabashedly looked me up and down, and then asked, " Those shoes don't hurt?!!?" Followed by, "My goodness, I don't know how you can where those heels, I can't do it anymore!"  I was a little caught off guard with her comment, In my head I heard a record get suddenly get cut off, you know that sound, kinds like zzzeeerruuppp! 

I thought to myself, should they hurt?   Clearly, I am wearing these shoes, and do not plan on taking them off because a complete stranger suggested that they should hurt.  If they did hurt, I think I would have realized that before I left the house, or even as I was buying them, and since I have them on, and that wasn't enough to keep me from putting them on MY feet.  At that point something clicked.  I distinctively heard the use of the word "anymore" in her chastising speech.  Possibly, she misses wearing heels?  Was the green eyed monster rearing it's ugly head?  Whatevs!!!   It was too hot, to be bothered.  I smiled, replied, "na" and kept on walking.  I actually own heels that don't hurt.  I love shoes, and buy good ones, in my size, or else it's just a waste of limited closet space.  

 I went to the Sunday brunch, listened to good music, met some really cool people, drank Mimosas, (well what else would I be drinking at 4pm on a Sunday) and had a great time.  It was the perfect day for it, a little hot, with an occasional, needed breeze.   It was great!  After long winter hibernation it felt good to be out there mingling, and seeing what the streets were saying about fashion.  From my observations, the finger wave is making a come back, muted colors paired with pops of brights work wonderfully, and sun hats are doing big things.   I got some great inspirations!

 On the way back home, I was content with a slight twist of tipsy.  I had not a care in the world.   My friends and I stopped to get a slice of pizza then jumped on the train.  We were laughing and talking; making plans for my new haircut, and discussing what celebrity I want to look like.  After a few minutes on the ride, we said our goodbyes and they got off.  My stop was next, so I was about to stand up and walk towards the door, and then I felt someone staring at me from the corner of my eye.  It was another mother daughter duo!!!!  This time the daughter spoke (in a very audible tone).  She said, "Mommy, I like her shoes, yeah they're nice, but her dress is OK. They don't really match; there's no grey in her dress.  Actually, I don't like it.” I turned, and looked.  The girl appeared to be about 8 or 9yrs old, so I was expecting her surly looking mother to correct her behavior. But instead, she looked at me and thens turns to face her daughter and says, "Me neither."    

That was it!!!!   The train doors opened, I got off the train and bid adieu to all the "fashion critics."   

This couldn't have been a coincidence.  There was a secret alliance of mommies sent out to annoy me that day.  There just had to be!  I began to wonder whether the squirrel beating it's chest at me was a sign to expect major b.s.  Their comments didn't bruise my ego, but I did get an insight as to how women see other women when they themselves have stopped caring.  I believe that it is not required to let yourself go once you are a mother.   It's a choice, as anything else is.  

 When I become a mom, I plan on being the sexiest thing pushing a stroller!  How I feel on the inside, and the way I represent that on the outside will always matter.


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As Always Adenike

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misslikey said...

I really enjoyed reading's true..there are many women out there who had forgotten that they are's so sad.
Hahaha for squirrel lol they are just amazing