Sunday, June 9, 2013

"Been Gone for a Minute, Now I'm Back in The Jump Off" ~ Lil' Kim

(Written Spring 2011)
So, it's s a fact, I've been away from my blog for a little over a year now. Seems like I've caught a bit of seasonal writer's block. Or it just might be that... I like to spend my winters hanging around my apartment, eating way too much general gao's chicken w/shrimp fried rice, dressing up in pretty dresses and pretending to be a black Zsa Zsa Gabor ( I'm crazy sometimes, I know) No really, I find that the winter season, although it does offer excellent wardrobe selections, darkens up my spirit just a tad.  It becomes a little harder to focus, even on the things that I love so much, like my writing.

This past one was no different than the rest.  This time, I was able to come through by reminding my self that there is always light at the end of the tunnel... 

What's also new is I've decided to take a break from the mundane society of the 9-5 crowd. I guess I had to go try it once again, to realize what I'm really good at, and what makes me want to pull my teeth out with pliers.   I have a strong eye for design, and that's what I'm gonna be doing.   Breaking out the scissors and busting a mean move with my sewing machine again. My mother would be so proud that I'm back at it, and not doing it in her house dropping loose thread everywhere.   Donating a garment for this year's Sewing Hope Fashion Fundraiser reminded me where I belong.  Designers and models from NYC came together to raise money for the woman of Uganda, so that they can become self sufficient by using their skills as seamstresses and tailors, they're better able to raise their children, educate them, thus build better communities.  Knowing that I could take my talents and use them to make something bigger than I  ever will be is so empowering.  I have so much to, gotta get off this computer and you know.... do stuff.
So I know I've been away but who cares, the point is I'm back! Boomerang baby.

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